Dear Reader:

I’ve been all caught up in Wattpad mania, as my regular readers all know. At first I wasn’t sure about it–would it just be another of those social media sites where people all like and follow each other to be polite but nobody actually reads anyone else’s work–but surprise, surprise! It is even more exciting than I could have imagined.

Not only have I found readers who genuinely seem interested in the story I’m writing, but I’ve also found some wonderful writers to follow and some interesting and inventive books and stories and poems to read (some I think are of publishable quality)! Wattpad allows a user to create multiple “reading lists” to help organize your experience. I’ve added so many to my master list, I wonder when I’ll ever get to read all of them! I’m planning on reading through much of that list once I complete my novel-in-progress, DISGUISED. But while I’m writing that, I have to keep focused and maintain momentum. I’ve reached over 1,000 reads, over 100 likes, and am just shy of 200 comments. In, what, three weeks?

It is addictive. But the best part, by far, is being able to interact with readers. I love to hear what they are thinking about the characters. So much fun! I wonder if this is going to change the way we publish and read. The New York Times explores this issue in a recent article.

I find writing a serialized novel (novella?) to be challenging but extremely motivating. I feel as if my readers are depending on me to get something out there for them to read. They want to know what happens! It is pushing me to create two installments a week, about a thousand words in each installment.

In fifteen weeks, then, I’ll have created at least 30K words. If I could push myself to write an installment a day, I’d be done in less than a month. But why hurry?

Here is the link to the next installment, for those of you who are following along. TWISTED.

I know there are probably some of my Localista readers who are wondering when I’m getting back to the outdoorsy stuff—well, mother nature has to cooperate first! I still have a sheet of ice on my driveway. The temps were down to 6 degrees F yesterday. Today, more snow expected.

I did go to a recent author event at the Portland Books A Million. A small, Maine publishing company was highlighting its authors and recent books. I will be writing about that very soon, I promise.

Enjoy your week, my dear readers. If you are lucky enough to have sunshine and warm weather, drop me a line so I can be jealous!

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4 responses to “Twisted

  1. I hope you understand what rights writers give away with Wattpad.

    • Thanks for warning me. Have you had a bad experience? I am writing this particular story purposely FOR Wattpad. It was intended as an experiment. In fact, it started out as one of my flash fictions which I also gave away for free on WordPress. I guess they can do what they want with it as long as my name remains attached to it.

      • I’ve not had a bad experience with Wattpad because, when I read their terms and conditions, it sounded as if I were giving away at least some rights to my work.

        I also hang out on scribophile. There was a short discussion about Wattpad. The writers on that site give away first rights, and cannot ever sell them to a publisher. I am unclear if a writer to ever sell anything posted on Wattpad.

        If you are unsure, and care, you might talk to an expert about your specific instance.

      • There are some writers on there who have moved their stories from the site to being published…they just have to take down all but the first two or three chapters on Wattpad. So the stories become more like teasers/marketing. There are also traditionally published authors on there who write prequels or additional stories that are related to their print-books. I’m thinking specifically of a Harlequin romance author. Thanks for the feedback, though! I checked out your blog and loved it and followed you.

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