Movie Night

Dear Reader

Friday night is movie night at our house, and I have to make a confession: we subscribe to Netflix. I can hear you gasping right now. I know. I feel awful about it. Our town has a little video store/ice-cream parlor, and for the first four years here I rented a movie or two every Friday night. I love this store–Main Street Video. The owner, Jim, offers six or seven flavors of Green Mountain Coffee, a breakfast menu that includes hugemongous homemade muffins, and an excellent selection of Shain’s of Maine ice-cream flavors. There are cute little tables and chairs in the seating area, a collection of board games for those who want to linger awhile, and a nice, cozy, neighborhood ambiance.

As my daughter grew into more sophisticated movie tastes, however, it became increasingly difficult to find something to watch. The selection of PG movies is excellent–all the animated films you could ever want. The selection of thrillers and romantic comedies and horror flicks for adults is more than adequate. What we had trouble finding were those rare movies appropriate for ‘tweens–especially a ‘tween who thinks she’s already a teen! Nothing animated will do. Uh-uh. There is no way, however, that we will allow her to watch anything with an R rating, and the PG-13’s must be carefully screened, as well. We soon ran out of choices, and every Friday afternoon at the video store became something of a horror show between me and the ‘tween.

Someone told us about Netflix, we checked it out, and we succumbed to the endless selection and really good deal. Sigh. At some point, I may have to give it up out of good conscience. And the ‘tween won’t stay ‘tweeny forever. For now, though, we can watch re-runs of the Walton’s (which are REALLY just as good now as they were when I watched them every Thursday night at 8 o’clock thirty years ago!) and enjoy our family movie night.

Netflix also gives me a seemingly endless selection of documentaries from which to choose, and I know which one I’ll be ordering next. I saw this link automatically generated by and followed up on it. Take a look! I’m going to find this movie and watch it. Escape From Suburbia link.

I don’t happen to agree that the suburbs are destined to become ghettos, as some predict. With a little planning and a will to change, I believe suburbs could become workable, viable communities in their own right–not just satellites held in orbit of the city by the gravitational pull of jobs and cultural activities. But I’m no expert. Perhaps after view this movie, I’ll know a little more. I’ll keep you posted.

As for my defection from Jim’s place, well, I try to make up for the video dollars by stopping in for the ice-cream more often. In fact, we stopped in for the first cone of the season last Sunday, and I’ve been craving another ever since!

In the meantime, I’m working on a handmade project for Easter . . . my idea is to create my own “ten-dollar” Easter basket ala the new Wal-Mart advertisement. (I looked for a link, but couldn’t find one. Just watch t.v. for a couple of days. You’ll see the ad I mean. The lowest-priced one at was around fifteen dollars!) Only a few more days, though. I better run . . .

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  1. I so hear you on this, Shelley! Mia is doing the same thing-no movie that her brother and sister watch is something she wants to watch. Ugh! It gets so frustrating, family movie night turns into a horror show here too. I started doing a drawing-everyone puts in a movie of their choice-one gets picked-no argument. Mia would watch Trauma Life in the ER 24/7 if I let her.

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