My Apologies . . .

Dear Reader:

I would like to make clear that my intent on writing about the Golden Rule was an attempt to embrace a universal concept taught by many religious traditions, including Christianity, and to give two examples of current political issues that might be informed by the idea of treating others the way you would like to be treated. It was not intended as an attack on all people of the Christian faith. Far from it. The conservative Christian “movement” is very different from individual Christian believers. I know many wonderful, caring people who consider themselves conservative Christians, and count them my friends. I even appreciate Christianity and believe that if we followed Christ’s example, the world would be a much nicer place. Christianity, per se, isn’t the problem and never was.

This essay was not an indictment of all Christians, but rather of a certain brand of judgemental, intolerant, and cold religiousness devoid of true compassion for the human condition. Not Christlike. More like the Pharisees that Christ rebuked.

Perhaps the problem here lies in my failure to acknowledge that within the conservative Christian “world” there are as many individual opinions and personal beliefs as there are individuals . . . for me to paint the entire body of Christian Conservatives with one blazing, intolerant stripe was wrong. My apologies.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, I was awed and amazed at the level of response from the churches. This demonstrations of compassion and service was truly inspiring. What I am proposing is to take that spirit of Christian love and apply it to our current circumstances BEFORE there is another disaster. How can we–Christian and non-Christian alike–help and serve others as Jesus helped and served those around him?

All I’m asking is that we think about what Jesus would do. I believe in that respect I’m not so far off from my Christian friends’ views. Wasn’t there a bumper sticker?

ps: As a tongue-in-cheek reminder–when reading my future essays, if the shoe doesn’t fit, for goodness sakes, don’t try to shove your foot into it!

4 responses to “My Apologies . . .

  1. shelley, no need to apologize for me…….the essasy was great……….there’s alot of black and white thinking!

  2. Are you really this nice? Could you give me lessons?

  3. LOL. If I had taken offense to something someone wrote, I would appreciate that person acknowledging my hurt feelings and clarifying if there was a misunderstanding. I’m just treating my readers the way I’d like to be treated . . . no, I don’t give “niceness” lessons, though I did run a Girlscout troop once. Too funny:)

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