Creative Website–Check It Out!

handspun yarn buttoned scarf

Dear Reader:

This scarf is the finished product crafted from the mohair fleece I carded and spun and plied on a borrowed Kiwi spinning wheel. The Kiwi is a beginner wheel, and because I’m a beginner, it works for me. I also have a more traditional wheel given to me by a good friend of the family. My next spinning project will be done on that wheel in hopes that I have acquired the skill necessary to spin the thin yarn that wheel requires. Learning a craft isn’t an overnight project. I’m expecting at least three years to even become halfway proficient. However, the journey may be more important than the destination. Every time I sit down at the wheel or hold a couple of bamboo knitting needles in my hands, I feel connected to the age-old crafting tradition . . . and so can you!

One of my online writing friends has started a new website geared toward crafting and do-it-yourself projects and the creative impulse each of us has inside us. They will be offering projects “in a bag” and blogs and articles. I’m very excited to see these kinds of sites going up on the internet. With all these resources at our fingertips, we can explore and experiment to our hearts’ content.

Make 2010 the year you learn to produce something useful and/or beautiful. I strongly believe that along with relocalizing, we also need to become a society of skilled craftspeople. Imagine producing clothes, furniture, houses, vehicles, toys . . . you name it . . . that are meant to last a lifetime rather than a few months or years.

Check out and make something . . . Outside the Box.

9 responses to “Creative Website–Check It Out!

  1. Actually, I haven’t figure out if it is cashmere or mohair. Guess I should do a little more research!

  2. Shelley – Thank you for the nice comment about our site. We are just starting out and always welcome feedback about what people really want to see and learn about. Thanks again!


  3. I’ve already embroidered one set of pillow cases and working on finishing my second set. Going to try and get together monthly with my Mom and the girls to work on some sort of craft project. My niece is determined to make her own gifts for the upcoming year. I love the sewing circle- it connects us to our heritage.

    • Oooh, send me a picture of your pillow cases and I’ll post it here on the site! Embroidering is beautiful, but I have no patience for it. I still have a cross-stitch I started for my sister’s wedding present . . . seventeen years ago!

  4. What a LOVELY scarf.!
    Kudos to YOU for taking on this craft…it is a dying one!

    Visiting by way of YOUR sister! 😉

  5. This neck scarf is charming! The button idea is great. Did you have a pattern or did you just make up your own? I just finsihed making some knitted cowls for Christmas…most were late! But I got the swing of it by end of the projects!!!

    • Hi Claudia: Thanks! I didn’t use a pattern but it’s just garter stitching until it got to the right length and then putting in a buttonhole. I saw a similar sized scarf with a huge button on display in my library this month and wanted to try it for myself. The other scarf used stockinette stitch and the rows ran the long way. Cowls sound cool! Did you use circular needles?

      • Claudia Mundell

        Yes, I did use circular. I used a new Lion Brand yarn called Amazing…50% wool and beautiful. Look for pattern under than yarn. It is warm. I also made a couple from ordinary knitty worsted…might not be quite as warm as not as bulky, but is slightly softer.

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