Quick Post: Thursday Humor

Dear Reader:

I think that Thursdays need a little laughter, so every week I am going to try to find some funny clip/photo/joke on the internet to post for your amusement.

I like Glenn Beck as well as the next person. I admire his passion for the Constitution. He seems like a “real guy” just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us, and he probably is. However, some of his statements can be a little over the top. Of course they are. His show airs on one of those quasi-news stations that is really nothing more than a vehicle for a certain political mind-set. (Do we have anything BUT quasi-news stations that are really nothing more than vehicles for various political mind-sets? Some say no. I leave it up to you to decide.)

Anyway, here is a really funny clip from The Daily Show (thank you to Yahoo! News for posting it) that pokes a little bit of fun at Beck’s obsession with Nazi Germany . . . Click HERE.

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