January Sonnet


At noon, I tromp across a pristine field

of white; new snow fell silently last night

to startle me again. It is a shield

of crystal, cold and alabaster light.

No school today (although I’m through with school),

explains the voices shrieking down a hill

behind this row of trees. I sit. A pool

of shadow from a fir, the sudden shrill

a blue-jay makes to answer back

the sound a plane inscribes upon the sky:

It is the noon of winter, too. This stack

of wood I sit upon sinks inch by

inch, storm by storm. I fall into the snow,

an angel, like those winters long ago.

10 responses to “January Sonnet

  1. The images are great…and so lyrical! Nyum!

  2. Playful; felt like a true “snow day”

  3. So beautiful, Shelley. I can see the January light as we come out of dark December. Great imagery. Love ya as always!

  4. I like your poem, Shelley it sounds young and playful.

  5. Reblogged this on Localista and commented:

    Thought I would repost this January Sonnet.

  6. I’m so glad you reposted this as I hadn’t seen it before. What a wonderful treat, this January day! Thank you, Shelley!

  7. Thank you for reading it Cindy. I just really felt like reading it again myself…I think I threw away the hard copy. I had a whole “sonnet sequence” of 48 poems I’d saved since college. A few months ago decided they were mostly embarrassing crap and chucked ’em in the trashcan. Sometimes it feels good to (mostly) come clean. But this one I liked too much.

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