Quick Post: Numerology

Oink, oink

Poll: Is a “fair tax” fair? If you got rid of all income tax and payroll tax and replaced it with a substantial national sales tax, would lower and middle income people actually pay MORE taxes than they do now? I’m trying to learn more about this 9-9-9 idea. Sounds good at first . . . but now the analysis comes in. Is 9-9-9 just 6-6-6 turned upside down? Or is it the number that will save us? Send me your thoughts.

4 responses to “Quick Post: Numerology

  1. What’s 9-9-9?

  2. It is Herman Cain’s plan for tax reform. 9% national sales tax. 9% income tax. 9% corporate tax. To replace the mismash we have no. Everyone pays the same based on 9%. You spend more, you pay more. Not earn more pay more. But some are saying middle and low income people would end up paying more in taxes than they do now . . . not sure on it yet myself, hence the poll.

  3. I heard Donald Trump say he would only have to pay half the taxes he does now and people in the low income bracket actually have to pay more than they do now. We was putting down Herman Cain big time. Also they had a news article on him saying that is trying to promote his books and inspirational speaking business that he really doesn’t intend to run for pres. and they have caught him spending pres. donations on the printing of his books.

  4. I work for minimum wage part-time at a retail store. I don’t make enough money to pay taxes now. If they were to pass that 9% crap, I would pay a lot more in taxes. It’s another way to knock down the poor.
    Incidentally, Shelley, I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

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