Say It Isn’t So . . . Coffee Will Go?

So, Starbucks is concerned that global climate change is already impacting the coffee yields and that if these trends continue, we may not be able to grow coffee within the next couple of decades. This will presumably be due to more rain as well as longer periods without rain. has a short video about this disaster waiting to happen at

Can you imagine a world with more rainy days, fewer resources, more stress . . . and no coffee? Talk about Apocalypse!

I’m all for starting a movement right now called Save Our Beans. SOB for short. As in, I will SOB if I can’t get my coffee. Perhaps we should start experimenting with raising coffee plants indoors, say in giant greenhouses right here in Maine where we may not have alot of heat, but our winters are generally pretty sunny. Would that work?

I guess for now I will enjoy every delicious sip. I’ve quit java before; I can survive without it.

I just don’t WANT to!

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