Boo! Pumpkinhead Idea To Change Halloween

Dear Reader:

Of all the pumkinhead ideas I’ve heard over the past few years, this new attempt to change the date of Halloween takes the, er,jack o’lantern. A Connecticut lawmaker wants to officially change the date of All Hallow’s Eve to the last Saturday of October. See Why? Oh, to make celebrating the holiday “safer” and “more enjoyable.”

Puh-lease! Many town and communities and schools already move their Halloween celebrations and “candy-walks” and costume parties to the nearest weekend. Do we really need the government telling us when it is “safest” and “most fun” to celebrate a holiday that has been observed on October 31st for centuries?

According to the roots of Halloween go back to pagan times in a celebration known as Samhain–honoring the end of the harvest season and preparing for winter. At this time, the boundaries between the living and the dead were thought to be thin, permeable, and disguising oneself was a precaution against bothersome spirits.

Maybe what we need now are precautions against bothersome politicians.

What is next? Changing Christmas to the last Saturday in December so that parents can get that last-minute shopping done? How about New Year’s Day?

Wait a minute. I have the solution. Make All Hallow’s Day, November 1, a national holiday like New Year’s Day. Then the kids can stay out trick or treating as long as they like and everyone can sleep off the sugar rush the following day. Yeah, take that to a vote, Mr. Congressman. Better yet, leave Halloween alone and get to work on some serious issues like job creation, education, and sustainable energy.

Let local communities and families decide for themselves when and where and how they want to partake in celebratory costuming, begging door to door, and wrapping long strands of paper bottom-swiping materials from the branches of the neighbor’s trees.

And to you, my Dear Reader, I wish you a Happy Halloween!

3 responses to “Boo! Pumpkinhead Idea To Change Halloween

  1. totally agree!!

  2. Seriously!!? Yup, I heard the politicians are convinced “we the people” are incapable of making our own decisions and this is another example.
    Happy Monday Halloween!!!!, and in case I forget next year Happy Wednesday Halloween!!!!

  3. I think the spirits might get us if we try to change it, better watch out!!!! BOO!

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