Five Golden Pages . . .

Snowy Country Road

Dear Reader:

I have posted page five of “Unlikely Objects” under the Fiction Corner tab, and we are more than halfway through the story. I’m not sure I like my main character all that much. I pity him. I want him to grow up and stop feeling sorry for himself. I love his wife, Sarah. She is stubborn, but kind, creative . . . and she refuses to let Jonathan ruin her Christmas spirit. Jonathan is a bit more sensitive, a bit more dark, gloomy and depressed.

These characters are composites, bits and pieces of people I knew, including myself. Probably more like two sides of myself warring it out on paper.

Who are you more like? Jonathan or Sarah? How would you feel if you truly could not afford to buy a present for the person you loved the most? Would you be cranky or would you make the best of things? Or cranky AND make the best of things?

If you want, drop me a note about it . . . Outside the Box.

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