Chopping the Writer’s Block

Nature's Way

Imagine my surprise when I opened up this month’s issue of TRUE STORY and discovered . . . my November story submission! I hadn’t heard anything from the magazine–acceptance or rejection–so I figured it had fallen into the hole where unsolicited manuscripts often end their journeys.

I also received word last week that the Hawaii story will be published in the June issue of TRUE CONFESSIONS . . . so pick up a copy when it hits your local newsstand, bookstore, or supermarket if you would like to see what all my fussing was about.

Now that I’ve had a little bit of writerly success, I am turning my attention to the Teen Writing Class starting up next week. The main focus of the class will be translating ideas from head to paper, from dreams to words. One of the biggest hurdles is, of course, the dreaded “writer’s block.”

I have a solution to that: Writing Prompt Lists. There are tons of lists out there on the web. I found this one today– on the Creative Writing Now website. I especially liked the “three elements” ideas.

Check out this website if you are looking to chop into that old, frustrating writer’s block of yours. I may even take one and run–er, write–with it myself. Happy writing!

2 responses to “Chopping the Writer’s Block

  1. Will definitely have to be on the lookout for the Hawaii story- want to see how you changed the ending:) So proud of your success!

  2. It wouldn’t have been the same without your input! Any time you want to guest blog on here . . . about anything at all . . . let me know!

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