It’s Electric!

Here is my question: Would you pay $.99 to download a short story to read? Would your decision depend on the length of the story? Or the reputation of the author? Would $.99 be a more likely price-point for a book-length piece?

I have never purchased an electronic document. I HAVE ordered a hardcover children’s book through, and it wasn’t so different from ordering a book on or anywhere else. I don’t own an e-reader yet . . . but I’m getting closer. Even when I have finally snagged a Nook or a Kindle, I’m not sure how many short stories I would purchase–although, when you think about it, I pony up $4 for a latte on a fairly regular basis, so wouldn’t a dollar for a story be a bargain?

There are authors on some of my online writing lists who are self-publishing in this way and finding it rewarding. I’m undecided about whether or not to try it myself. I welcome your feedback.

What would entice YOU to pay .99 for a e-pubbed piece of literature–a snappy description, a known author, a good cover picture?

If you are a writer, have you or would you publish electronically? If so, what have been your experiences?

As we head off into this brave new world of electronic media, I find myself drawn to older things. Perhaps it is a way of keeping balance. Publish an electronic story in the morning and whip up a batch of blueberry jam in the afternoon. Watch a video-streamed movie Friday night and put on a pot of baked beans and knit up a dishcloth on Saturday. Today, I’m going to publish this blog post, and then put on a bandana and some Patsy Cline (click HERE to listen to “Crazy”) and start my spring cleaning.

Drop me a line . . . Outside the Box.

3 responses to “It’s Electric!

  1. I think what would entice me would be the same thing that would entice me to pick up a book: a catchy title, a cover that catches my eye, a known author, or a synopsis that peaks my interest. As a writer, not sure how I feel about e-publishing. I guess I feel like if I put all that effort into a novel I want to feel the weight of it in my hands. The thought that someday it will make the rounds from bookshelf to someone’s yard sale to perhaps another book shelf. This would make a great public discussion at a local library:)

  2. I think on and other epublishers, there is an option to have a print on demand so people can order a hardcopy book. If I ever published a book by myself, I would definitely go with this option. But the e-book would be lots cheaper. I read an article about this and it seems that the thing to do is give away a book or two for FREE to build up a readership, if you can. Since I already have two manuscripts “done” (at least workable drafts) this might make sense for me. Still not sure. Thanks for replying, MA. Hope your writing is going well . . .

  3. Anyone else want to jump in on this one? Readers, this is your chance to tell an author what you want!

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