Election Day–Does It Really Matter Who Wins?

U.S.A. Election Day

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I am voting today–and I’m going to check a box for President–but I’m really only going because of the state and local races and questions, where I (perhaps naively) believe my vote actually makes a difference in my life and my community. When it comes to the Presidential race, eh, shrug, not so much.

Either Obama is going to win and we’ll continue with this gridlock as the Republicans block everything for the sake of politics…or Romney is going to win and we’ll start hearing, “I inherited this mess…so don’t blame me” as the Dems begin to block everything for the sake of politics. And they’ll all start talking about 2016.

Meanwhile the Federal Reserve and corporate cronies will go ahead and do their own thing, laughing (at us) all the way to the bank.

Read what economists think about the affect of the election on the economy on CNN.com

6 responses to “Election Day–Does It Really Matter Who Wins?

  1. Unfortunately, you’re right.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  3. It’s so easy to get discouraged but it is still an important right that we have to protect and respect. Maybe I’m just naively hopful that after the last few years of division and anger there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re all standing at the edge of a new beginning. It’s time for everyone to stop blaming and time to take steps forward. I hope that who ever is elected they take this job serious and do their best for the greatest good of all concerned.

    • I hope all those things, too. There is always hope. It will take incredible, courageous acts of leadership to get these politicians working together for the common good. Let’s hope they put on their big-boy-and-girl pants and get to work.

  4. Here are some things I believe would make a big difference in who got elected.
    Women’s reproductive rights would be vastly different under Romney and the GOP ‘taliban.’ Voter intimidation would go uncorrected, and the big one…replacing SUPREME COURT JUSTICES would pull us even more to the right, if that’s possible.
    Gridlock of course is possible, but it obviously did not pay off. Maybe the parties will see they have to work together. I’m hopeful.

    • I know people were scared about the women’s issues but I really don’t think that would have gone anywhere. You do have a point about the Supreme Court, so maybe we can all breathe a little easier about that.

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