Secondhand Fashion: First Snow Friday Outfit

Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year

Dear Reader:

My Dear Sis, who lives far away in Ohio, is an inspiration. She has been shopping Goodwill, consignment, yard sale, and local for many, many years and always (and I mean always!) manages to look smart, sophisticated, and fashionable on a budget. Hearing about my Sourced Fashion recreation idea (obsession?) Dear Sis brought home a Christmas gift I absolutely went gaga over–a recreated outfit!

Using my First Snow Friday outfit as a guide. . . First Snow Friday First Snow Friday

. . . she went to her local secondhand haunts and found almost every element.

january 8 2013 003

Gray pleated skirt, oxblood-colored turtleneck shirt, and a belted cardigan.

And the ring shown above.

january 8 2013 007

In the meantime, I snagged the perfect pair of satin sandals at the Biddeford Goodwill for a cool $5.

january 16 2013 005

Just Added: I changed up the outfit with a different skirt from my sister, also from Goodwill, and paired it with suede boots from Marden’s, our Maine-owned discount store and a handcrafted bag of felted wool by friend Sandi Waugh. I wore this outfit to a reporting assignment yesterday, so it is definitely a workable look.

6 responses to “Secondhand Fashion: First Snow Friday Outfit

  1. $5 for a pair of shoes (and lovely ones, at that!)? Such a steal, that’s why I love Goodwill. Thanks for sharing, and style on (;

    – Jonathan I

  2. I love that you named your dummy. My dummy’s name starts with… no that would not be nice. 🙂

  3. I wish I had an ounce of fashion sense!

    • You probably have more than you think. It helps to buy at consignment and Goodwill because you can afford to make “mistakes.” My fashion experimentation has increased since shopping locally. And style doesn’t have to be “trendy.” It can be L.L. Bean casual. Or a basic “look” like leggings paired with flowy tops. Whatever is comfortable for you and makes you feel happy. Accessories make everything a little more fun and versatile.

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