I Was Thinking

Photo by Debbie Broderick

I Was Thinking

I was thinking
about how still the air was
and the trees
and how there are
those hot, still days when you are a kid
and time is just a suggestion
and every summer day is forty hours long
and summer is forever.
Then somehow knowing better
and forgetting
and starting to mark time with the best of them.

Go out to the garden. Watch
a dragonfly stir the air
with black net wings like stockings
stretched over filament wire. Smell
bee-balm to see what draws
the bees. Draw
the bees.

3 responses to “I Was Thinking

  1. Don’t forget to TAKE PICTURES OF BEES on those long hot summer days. You’ll never know what you’re missing otherwise. Can I mention my awesome latest “B” video here? If not, feel free to take it down.

  2. Isn’t it great to see all the bees busy on your flowers? I love it. By providing habitat for the bees you are helping them, helping the flowers, and even helping our food supply, because so much depends on our wild pollinators.

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