Dinner From the Garden Boxes

Dinner From the Garden Boxes

So, late summer cooking has begun! Here is a stir-fry of summer squash and onions from my local CSA farm, Piper’s Knoll in Newfield, Maine. I added kale and herbs from my garden boxes plus some frozen shrimp (not local). Served over couscous, this made a scrumptious, 75% local meal.

3 responses to “Dinner From the Garden Boxes

  1. Oh Shelley, that dish looks amazing!

  2. Sounds like you’re back in Maine. I’m glad sunny California didn’t get you…yet!
    Question: Do you worry about all that Fukushima toxic water getting into the ocean and contaminating our seafood?

    • Gee, I guess I do now! Sigh. Seems as if we humans are going to probably ruin our habitat–if we haven’t already. I’ve been thinking about sustainability, environmental issues, and business/profit lately. Like, some believe democracy isn’t really fair when a majority can decide to ban something that a minority wants to enjoy. But what about when a majority decides to make something okay when a minority is pretty sure it is going to negatively affect their lives? Or their planet? It is a tough philosophical question. Among others.

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