Compromising Positions

Compromising Positions

I recently watched a documentary called Patriocracy which explores the current state of gridlock in our government. I’m wondering: is it possible/ethical to cooperate/compromise (against one’s private principles) when making decisions that will affect the general public? Is that actually what wise governance is all about once arguments have been laid out and consensus hasn’t been reached? I know some would say “no.” However, I’m wondering what would happen if conservatives, liberals, libertarians & progressives compromised while continuing to debate and discuss and write. Would we have a shining, perfect utopia that each “camp” envisions? No. Would we devolve into a dystopia? Probably not. Maybe the best we can hope for is a society that is “okay” and “functional” rather than perfect.

3 responses to “Compromising Positions

  1. You raise really good points. In my view, we elect government to make decisions in areas where consensus is not possible. If they cannot do this, the status quo becomes the default decision. Take health care as a current example – the US system is clearly in crisis (highest spending in the world and mediocre outcomes) and continuation of a status quo is a big decision. Whether one likes Obama Care or not, I find it hard to believe it is worse than the status quo (but would agree it is clearly not optimal).

  2. What if people lived in small communities made up of others with shared principles? If allowed to self govern, wouldn’t that allow everyone to live in their own “utopia?”

    • I think perhaps the utopia would be a country where this arrangement of small, self-governing communities was possible….something to work toward, maybe? Right now we are very interconnected, aren’t we? Let’s take small steps in that direction…

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