Shelley Burbank lives in Maine where she writes about things like localism, style, community, nature, literature, friendship, and our connection to the earth and each other.

What this blog is all about:  This blog began as a record of my attempts to shop & eat & live locally–supporting local business rather than big-box retail stores and chain restaurants. It was originally called OUTSIDE THE BOX.

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  1. The Hydraulic Power Junkie

    Don’t fret over that ole pine tree. The chipmunk, birds and ants have plenty more to choose from. Pine trees look much better as V-match paneling on the walls and ceiling then blocking out the much needed sunlight. Whack Um and Stack Um!

  2. I was just reading through my Johnny Seeds catalog – have you been out there??

    I’m so glad to see your blog – you’re an inspiration! Welcome to the good life.

  3. Great pieces! So informative and easy to read. They flow so nicely. You definitely have a talent in composing literature, if you want to identify it that way. Actually that could be a topic at the next shin-dig you go to: my latest literary compositon!
    The simplier life will be inevitable, we just have to hold on.
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Abby! Blogging is fun and keeps my brain in gear, plus I like putting all my favorite websites and blogs in one place. If I can inspire a few people to shop/live more locally, I’ll be satisfied.

  4. Shelley I just read your lastest blog and could identify completely. Although I’m in a congregation now where I have quite a few friends and it feels more “familiar”, we still don’t live right down the road from those friends. In contemplating moving I’ve tried to imagine myself out in the middle of no where, compared to where we live now (Clint says I just don’t have my bearings yet and it really isn’t that far away from necessary places). I try to weigh out the pros and cons of moving closer to our true community, the congregation and friends and further away from convienence. At the end it is always being closer to the people that we have a connection with that overides my sense of being out in the willy whacks.
    Whenever I go back to my hometown I love that feeling of knowing right where I am and often take the long way around just to make sure. You know what though when I get together with those friends I had when I was younger that have stayed in that hometown there is an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia because of what we shared about ourselves then but there is also a sense of distance because we’ve all “grown up” in different towns. I agree with you about always cherishing those younger years but being realistic about who we are now and the responsibilities of building a “community” for our family here (wherever that may be) and now. It is hard having our family all spread out and we miss having you “just down the road”. Someday maybe! Love to you and your fam, C&D!

  5. I think certain issues are universal. “Down the road” would be nice. One can dream.

  6. littlehousesouthernprairie

    Hello, just found your blog. Looks like we have lots of the same interests. Look forward to reading more!

  7. I enjoyed reading your ” outside the box” comments about gardens & stuff, . . . . . . . . . . (personal info deleted) either way, loved your stories.
    i am trying my hand a t perenial gardening and am a beginner, after my dad died unexpectedly last summer I am trying to keep up his perenials he had…. working on them mow.
    Thanks Lainie Johns Hill

    • Hi Lanie: Glad you like the stories and I’m glad to hear that you are learning to keep the perennial beds going. What a meaningful way to remember your dad . . . I

      ‘m really just a beginner, too, but I love perennials, the way they just come back year after year. Not as showy as the annuals, but reliable. It’s always fun to see them pop up in the spring and go through their life cycle. Nature has alot to teach us. Anyway, happy gardening!

      (ps: I went to a private school in Bangor all 13 years, so we probably never crossed paths.)

  8. Hi shel-
    I miss your facebook comments… I suppose this blog is your labor of love. It is so well done! I’d pick this one too if my time was scarce. I am glad I have this outlet to keep tabs on whats new and interesting in your life… best wishes! Chris

  9. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award

    • Oh, thank you:) I don’t usually go along with the instructions that come with those awards, so I don’t post the award on my blog, but I appreciate your thinking of me for it! Makes my day, Hope you are enjoying the season. We just finally got some real snow here in Maine yesterday after a couple light dustings!

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