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All Love Comes To Fall

Dear Reader:

While I have a few posts I am dying to write up, I’m busy working on another project. In the meantime, here are a couple of related poems about a relationship, the end of summer, and champagne.


The humidity of rain
and sun mingled. The taste
of summer
could only be this:

The first sip of sweet champagne,
virgin tongue to the taste
of that best wine.
I could have kissed you

But there was the grass,
fragrant and spilling over
the hill at our toes.
The sky? I didn’t really notice.

If I could dip my hand
into the months of summer–fizzing, bubbling–
and bottle the smiles,
I’d give you the cork for a memory.

–July 1990


It’s the first day of Autumn.
The apples are ripe
on gnarled, brown trees,
and crows call
from outrageous branches.

The cornstalks shake and die
on top; harvest comes
in these cold nights
and days of sun slanting through foliage.

It never was our season–Fall.
We took our inspiration
from the Spring. We sipped
April sun like champagne
until our mouths were sweet.

I drink coffee now.
I watch large flocks of birds
etch patterns
against a blue-bell sky…

All love comes to Fall,
flaming brilliantly only for a season.

–September 1990