Fish Outside the Box

First Catch!
First Catch!

Dear Reader:

This picture proves that you do not have to shop at a supermarket to eat fresh fish.  Last year I finally succumbed to my husband’s pleadings and applied for a  fishing license.  In the past, I would help paddle the canoe around the lake while my husband and daughter spent time casting and reeling.  Listening to the red-winged blackbirds, watching the light dance on the water, and helping detangle the milfoil from my daughter’s hook were my traditional occupations on fishing excursions.  However, my husband can be persuasive, and so last spring I found myself in the front of the canoe casting a rubber “grub” into likely-looking spots near the shore.  I didn’t have to wait long before this long, lean, powerful pickerel took the bait.  I don’t know who was more surprised–me or Delilah! 
     We didn’t eat “my” pickerel, deciding instead to release him back into the lake to, uh, swim with the fishes.  De-boning a pickerel can be tricky business.  A few years back, I spent a good hour picking bits of meat off the double spine of a large pickerel my husband caught, and I swore I’d never try it again.  The flavor was sweet and delicious, though, and this year, if I find a beautiful, big pickerel dangling off the end of my line, I may not be so quick to throw him back.  I found this recipe in the Lewiston SunJournal Online, and I hope to give it a try.
     Since fishing season has started for 2009, I suppose I will get myself down to the town office and renew my fishing license.  The ice has mostly gone off the lake, and in a few weeks we’ll be hauling out old, red canoe down to the little landing near our house.  The blackbirds will be back, building their nests in the cattails.  The water will be cold and clear.  We will be glad to get a bit of sun on our faces . . .  
 And if we’re really lucky, we’ll have a few pleasant days before the blackflies errupt.  But that’s a topic for another day . . . Outside the Box.

4 responses to “Fish Outside the Box

  1. You are your grandmother’s granddaughter for sure. I absolutely love this. Your writing has such a “ahh, I am finally home” sort of feeling to it. Thanks.

    Carry on.


    • Oh, I’m so glad you like it:) As I’ve been saying to visitors, if you ever want to guest blog on your area of expertise, let me know! I know you have alot of insight about education issues, and I will be posting some entries on education.

  2. Great job! What a lovely story. Your grandmother is smiling down on you. Keep writing and telling stories. I’ve given up all subscriptions to the local newspapers as there is nothing worth reading in them anymore. The local family news stories are gone with Nanny.

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