Quick Note: Farming In The City

Dear Reader:

While following links from blog to blog and website to website this morning, I came across this great 30 minute video about a husband and wife who are farming in the city of Portland, Oregon. A few years ago, they began to read about permaculture–the practice of incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our lives–and then about peak oil. In response, they started teaching others about permaculture and peak oil, began working with the city council to create a task force which will investigate the possible affects of peak oil on the city and the best solutions for dealing with those issues, and have created a mini-farm on their less than 2-acre lot in the middle of the city. I highly recommend spending 30 minutes to view this video. It’s inspiring on so many levels. Click here to view the video.

One response to “Quick Note: Farming In The City

  1. We’re very pleased that you posted our Peak Moment Conversation on your blog. We have other shows on your blog categories — in fact the 145 or so Peak Moment Conversations videos arose from our concern about peak oil, and mostly focus on options for building local communities and economies. We invite you and your visitors to stop by at http://www.peakmoment.tv/conversations, where you can be notified of new shows biweekly via the RSS feed or subscribe to our monthly newsletter (on the homepage).

    Carry on with your good work!
    Janaia (host), janaia-at-peakmoment.tv

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